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VBA Serial Driver

Optional Serial Port Drivers for Visual Basic for Applications

VBA Serial Port Control Software Example

Let’s continue with our demonstration. Since we were unable to use the mscomm32.ocx Communications Driver for our example in the previous page, you will need to choose one of the following options that are available to continue our demonstration.

The information listed below, are links to other sites not maintained by Pencom Design, Inc.

If you use this information in your software designs, make sure you are not violating any copyright's of the authors.  Some authors choose to distribute software to the public domain, and it may be used in your software without restrictions. You will need to read the license listed on their website or if not available contact the author to be sure.

To check out these sites without interrupting this demonstration, you may right click on the links and open them in another window.  This will allow you to download and setup the OCX driver or API calls and continue when completed.

NETcomm OCX Driver  - This driver is a replacement for the mscomm32.ocx with some small differences.  You may view the information on the driver, author and setup information, by following the link above. 

For Windows 7, you may directly download the Win 7 NETcomm driver setup program, or for earlier versions of windows download the NETcomm driver setup program.

After downloading and installing the NETcomm driver, continue the serial port demonstration using the NETcomm driver.

Windows API Calls -  Instead of a driver this code uses calls to the Windows API and eliminates the need for a OCX driver.    Information about this driver, author and setup  may be found at the link above. 

You may directly download the API serial I/O software, it's a 7K zip file.  Please note, for this demonstration we only need the CommIO.bas source code to use in this demo.

After downloading the API software, continue the demonstration using Windows API calls

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