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Pease Note: This is a (new old stock) surplus part not a production item

Typically a 2-3 Day Production <10pcs

Minimum quantity for "ISD5008S" is 1.

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Single-Chip Voice Record/Playback Device
4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-Minute Durations 28Pin SOIC

5 Pcs available

The ISD5008 ChipCorder product is a fully-integrated, single-chip solution which provides seamless integration of enhanced voice record and
playback features for digital cellular phones (GSM,CDMA, TDMA, PDC, and PHS), automotive communications, GPS/navigation systems, and porta-
ble communication products. This low-power, 3volt product enables customers to quickly and easily integrate 4 to 8 minutes of voice storage
features such as one-way and two-way (full duplex) call record, voice memo record, and call screening/answering machine functionality.
Like other ChipCorder products, the ISD5008 integrates the sampling clock, anti-aliasing and smoothing filters, and the multi-level storage
 array on a single-chip.

ISD5008S Datasheet (ISD5008.pdf, 1,550 Kb) [Download]