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Manufacturer of computer controlled relay, I/O and custom boards for commercial and industrial applications.

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We are now open for normal business operation - however due to the virus we have minimal staff so delays in production will be inevitable.  We will do our best to complete all orders asap. 



Note: All software listed here is designed specifically to operate our hardware products.  This software is designed to operate with the Windows operating system, Win98 and above.

Relay Testing Software:
Used to test the operation of all versions of our serial relay boards before writing control software. This can also be used to operate the relay boards from a window for a simple application.  Capable of controlling 128 relays.

Screenshot of the main window:

Download the RTP software:

Command-Line Software:
Used to control the relay boards from the command-line.  The command-line operation will allow the user to control the relay boards from a desktop shortcut as shown below -- in the background without opening a window.  In addition, using the command-line and the Windows task scheduler will allow the user to control the relay operation at any time, date, or when windows starts - that can be setup within the task scheduler.

This eliminates having to deal with the mscomm32.ocx or learning any software language to control your relay boards.

With this feature, a user can operate our serial relay boards without knowing any software programming language!


Using the command-line software the user has the ability to control up to 128 relays on one serial port (16 boards in a daisy chain configuration).

Each board is controlled using simple 7-bit ASCII commands.

Multiple relays may be controlled ON or OFF on each 8 channel board using one command.

This software will also control our 1 & 2 channel relay boards.

Download the command-line software: