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Reed Relay

Reed relays are typically used in low current, fast switching, low bounce, and high reliability applications (up to 10 billion operations), as in ATE equipment. No minimum current or voltage requirements. Reliability tested to 1 billion operations (from the manufacturer's specifications for the relays we use on our boards).

SPST configuration - normally open contacts (normally closed also available - contact sales to place an order).  Also available in SPDT configurations on specific boards.

Reed relays are very reliable, however if your circuit has capacitance or inductive loads - some protective circuitry will need to be added to the contacts to protect them from inrush or induced back EMF. 

Inductive loads may damage reed relays when the contacts open and capacitive loads when the contacts close.  Some forms of protection are, (MOV's) metal oxide varistors, RC snubber circuit, diodes, and transient voltage suppression diodes.  The type of protection will depend on whether the circuit is AC or DC and the amount of voltage and current that is switched. There are many examples on the internet that will help select the device required for your application.