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Manufacturer of computer controlled relay, I/O and custom boards for commercial and industrial applications.

Please Note: 

We are now open for normal business operation - however due to the virus we have minimal staff so delays in production will be inevitable.  We will do our best to complete all orders asap. 


Product Design & Modifications


Custom Modifications

Since we manufacture our own products here in the USA, we have the capability to modify our units to fit your application - if the standard products are not suitable.

These modifications may be as simple as changes to the voltage input levels on the opto-isolated input ports or higher voltage capability for power input to the board with the optional terminal block power for 24-28VDC.  We can also mix reed relays and standard relays on the same board - with limitations.  In addition, code changes may be made to the board for different control input commands or other firmware changes specific for your application.

Product Design

If needed, we can also design a new relay or I/O board or other type of circuit board suited for your application, (including simple interconnect boards for wiring connections) at reasonable prices. 

We also have the capability to incorporate our units into a custom enclosure and wire to your specific application as shown in the example below..