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Please note supply chain shortage update 06-06-2022:   

Due to the supply chain shortages we have been having a difficult time obtaining parts to produce our products.  Some of our parts have been on order for 8-9 months and have yet to receive an estimate on when we expect delivery.  Some parts are being received for certain products and we will do our best to fulfill what we can.
Also note production delays: some of our facility (offices and plant) has been moving to a new location and production will take longer as portions of the plant are not in operation at all times – we apologize for the delays.

In addition we have been experiencing problems with our email system and many emails were never received on the following accounts our and, this has been happening for some time and we were unaware since it is happening sporadically. 

We have created two new accounts to use until we can determine the problems we are having with our system and please use these emails to contact us.

Other email address have been the same problems and we will work to correct these too.


8Ch Relay Board Enclosure

Note: to have the correct label installed - make sure you supply the part number of the unit you have in the text box before adding to your order!

Enclosure image is an example for illustrative purposes only and may not be the exact part number of the product.
Typically a 2-3 Day Production <10pcs
Our quantity discounts:
Quantity 5+ 25+
Price $23.75 $22.50
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Machined ABS enclosure - fits all Non-I/O 8 channel relay boards with an "-EXT"  in the part number. 

Includes enclosure, label and mounting screws.

On 8 channel units purchased with the enclosure,  the part number of the unit in the enclosure is printed on the label.  To have the correct matching label installed, enter the part number of the unit you have in the text box provided and production will print the correct part number (with the enclosure) on the label.   This will  assure that the control connections, and input/output connections are labeled correctly for the board that is installed.

If the part number is NOT inserted in the box, a generic label will be installed instead.

Enclosure Only - relay board NOT included!

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