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Manufacturer of computer controlled relay, I/O and custom boards for commercial and industrial applications.

Stand-alone I/O Boards

These I/O interface boards are designed to work with our relay boards that have an I/O port. The boards have special features that may not be available on your current board, such as an isolated inputs with AC or DC inputs, AC Line voltage monitor, SSR relay outputs or DAC or ADC, etc.

The boards are 2" wide X 3.5" long and are available for a variety of interfaces,   The boards require a 5VDC power source for the circuitry on the board. Our I/O ports have a 5VDC output that may be used to power the boards without a separate supply. Connection to the board may be the standard terminal block or optional IDC type of connector.

These board may also be connected directly to a 5V tolerant MPU port, or other boards with a I/O port and 5VDC power.