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AC Voltage line monitor 415/480VAC 50/60/400Hz

Production for RoHs units require at least a week to produce.
Typically a 2-3 Day Production <10pcs
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Optically isolated AC line voltage monitor circuit board to TTL logic output. This board is used to detect when the line voltage is active or failed, can also be used for ON/OFF sensing applications as a closed loop monitor for relay contacts, motors, or as a fuse monitor.  Output is 5VDC TTL logic.

Standalone operation, logic output of 5VDC will work with most boards with an input port or microprocessor with 5V tolerant inputs.  Requires a regulated 5VDC power source to power the circuits on the board.

Nominal voltage is 415/480VAC 50/60/400Hz, Voltage tolerance: minimum 375VAC to maximum 504VAC.  Will also detect DC voltages within this range.

1 - Detect AC line failure 50/60/400Hz (can also detect lower frequencies and high voltage DC ON/OFF sensing applications)
2 - Closed loop detector to monitor relay contacts, solenoids, motors, etc.
3 - Fuse or circuit breaker monitor
4 - Monitor ON/OFF AC/DC operation in remote locations, detect when a device is activated or deactivated locally



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