Single Channel USB Relay Board


Low cost 1 channel USB relay board controlled through the USB port

Standard -  10 Amp 250VAC/28VDC SPDT power/general purpose relays
Optional -  SPST reed relays for fast switching and high reliability, 200VDC/200VAC resistive 0.5A "-R" option

Designed for single board operation -- one board per USB port, up to 127 boards may be connected under PC control. 

ASCII commands to control relays.
Easy hook up using standard USB cable (included).
Commands are sent to the virtual PC serial port created by the USB drivers.
4800-38400 baud (default 9600 baud)
LED Indicators for relays

Our boards utilize a USB to serial chip which allows a seamless transition from RS232 boards to USB boards. The same software may be used for both board versions and are interchangeable between our USB and RS232 boards. All the same commands are utilized, including the same communication protocols and baud rates. The USB driver creates a virtual serial port -- your controlling software will not know the difference.

Two versions available:

Model: U1-RLY-EXT - with general purpose/power relay
Model: U1-RLY-EXT-R - with reed relay

Relay board enclosure (not included):

Model: RLY-ENC-EXT - ABS plastic enclosure to fit both models above

Relay testing software available for Windows to program and verify the operation of the relay board before writing your own software program.


Instruction Manual:

1-2 Channel USB Relay Manual (591KB, PDF)

Application Notes:

Application Note 156 (127K, PDF) - Board command information -- explains in detail the structure of the board commands.

Software Examples:
Visual Basic
Visual Basic for Applications

Single Channel RS232 Relay board



Industrial control applications
Automatic test equipment (ATE)
Process control systems
Power switching applications

Model U1-RLY-EXT Includes:
1 Channel Relay board with 10 Amp 250VAC/28VDC SPDT (Form C) power relays, for power or general purpose applications.

Model U1-RLY-EXT-R Includes:
1 Channel Relay board with SPST (Form A) reed relays for fast switching and high reliability, No minimum voltage or current for contact load, 200VDC/200VAC resistive 0.5A "-R" option.

Both Models Include:
120V to 9VDC wall transformer, with 5.5X 2.5mm power plug, center positive.
6' USB 2.0 Cable
Mini CD with drivers, instruction manual, software, and application notes.

Relay testing software and additional software available for Windows is included on the supplied CD.  

Drivers included for, Windows, Windows CE, Linux, and Mac on CD.

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Description Part Number Price  
Single Channel USB Relay Board with 10Amp SPDT power relay and wall Transformer U1-RLY-EXT $59.95 Click here to add to your shopping cart
Relay Board Enclosure RLY-ENC-EXT $12.72 Click here to add to your shopping cart
Single Channel USB Relay Board with SPST reed relay and wall Transformer U1-RLY-EXT-R $63.20 Click here to add to your shopping cart

Note: The reed relay boards are identical to the standard units except they have the reed relays installed. The reed relays are SPST and the common and NO (normally open) contacts are used on the terminal block, the NC contact is not used when these relays are installed.  

Reed relays are typically used in low current, fast switching, low bounce, and high reliability applications (up to 10 billion operations), as in ATE equipment. No minimum current or voltage requirements. Reliability tested to 1 billion operations (from the manufacturer's specifications). Single pole single pole configuration. 200VDC/200VAC Peak Resistive, reed relays are typically not designed for controlling inductive loads.

Reed Relay Datasheet (271KB)

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