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Welcome to Pencom Design!


We design and manufacture a variety of quality products 

RS232 Serial controlled relay boards with or without input/output ports

USB controlled relay boards with or without input/output ports

General/purpose & reed relays are available 

Custom designed and modified relay boards to fit your application  

All Products Proudly Made in USA  

Products Overview:
Our products are used in many different applications ranging from simple computer control to more elaborate industrial control applications.  The products listed on our website are just a small portion of the products we produce, many of our products are custom designed and used in our client's OEM equipment or product.

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Applications Include
Industrial control
Automatic test equipment (ATE)
Process control systems
Power switching applications

Custom Product Development
Since Pencom Design has our own production facility in the US, we can develop and build custom relay boards to fit your application. Using our proven designs, we modify the hardware and firmware to use in your applications without needing to completely re-design a new board saving you money.

Some of the following designs options are available - but are not limited to are: input/output ports, opto-isolated inputs, choice of relays (signal, power, solid state relays, and SSR control for external relays). Special commands, and different control inputs such as RS232/RS485, USB, logic, and Ethernet are also available. We can also modify the command structure for specific protocols, such as Bacnet, Modbus, or your custom protocol -- all we require is the protocol specifications and documentation. We also have the capability to make simple modifications to our current boards, depending on your requirements to suit your application.

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